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 The Archipelago Aegadian Islands:



In addition to The Islands of \ Stagnone ,
are part of the Province of Trapani Aegadian: Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo.
The archipelago of Egadi already inhabited in prehistoric times before he was a group of islands but the mainland was attacked for the beauty of the place has always fascinated the human imagination. The Greek legend tells that Apollo sent his flocks to graze  on the plains of Trinacria, leaving them to the custody of two girls,  conceived by the God with the beautiful Neera, and was also told that, the names of two milkmaids and of their young mother, named those three islands.


Renowned for marine life, full of fascinating fish, pelagic and sedentary, as well as crustaceans, molluscs and corals are very rare, the three islands have seen more in the past, their fortunes grow and prosper, mainly due to the abundant presence of tuna in their waters . The Mattanza, now the preserve of tourists, marked the luck and ensured the prosperity of the inhabitants of the archipelago.
The islands, beautiful to visit, offering a wonderful show in the deep sea: The marine reserve,  of very recent creation, protects species  fascinating and have nothing to envy to the performances of the tropical seas,.


That stretch of sea was also the scene of a battle in 241 BC between the Carthaginians and Romans, you can also see the wrecks of many ships triremes that sank off  near Favignana.