Vacanze. Mare. Storia. Cultura.

 The Sea  


Walking along the Viale Tirreno, you get to the white beaches of Tonnarella. Fine sand, sea, beaches and lidos. One of the most picturesque and popular coastalisland, waiting to give you an unforgettable holiday The coastline has a diverse landscape: in the south-western coast, very lowdepths, is composed of white sand and running from the area called "Banna to theswamps (" margi ") Capo Feto; in the south-eastern coast is rocky, with waters rich in flora and fauna. near the bay called the "Dragonara" there is still the well of sweet water of the "Malavia", built on the coast at the edge of the sea water, once a destination for Barbary pirates.


Mazara del Vallo is one of the most important and well known Italian fishing ports ,basic equipment of a fleet of about 350 large deep-sea trawlers (with about 4,000 fishermen aboard), which falls every 20 days. Mazara is also up the headlines in March 1998, when a fishing vessel local, commanded by Captain FrancescoAdragna, has recovered to about 480 meters deep in the waters of the Strait of Sicily, the bronze statue of the Dancing Satyr.  

The breathtaking sunsets, crystal clear sea, the lush vegetation that offers itself as a flower bouquet from Africa!